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Glasses for Guys with Beards: Smart Choices

by Kara Keigan
Glasses for guys with beardes

Just like your glasses, a man’s facial hair can work to complement and enhance your face shape. The overall effect of your beard and glasses should increase how symmetrical your face is.

It’s all about creating the illusion of an elongated face or rounding your face out. If you’re a glasses-wearer, you should consider how your beard and your frames change the face of your shape. You may be surprised by the dramatic change it can add to your look!

We’ve created a handy beards-and-glasses guide to help you choose the most flattering beard shape and eyeglasses to match.

Oval face shape

Oval face shapes are the most versatile which means most beard shapes and frames will suit you. So whether or not you’re rocking scruff or full beard, you can pull off just about any frame shape, color, or thickness. Both your beard and your frames have endless possibilities, so go bold and try a trendy gradient frame or oversized vintage-inspired aviator frames.

Square face shape

To show off the chiseled jaw that square face shapes are known for, rock a shorter beard to create hard lines and impact. You may also want to consider a goatee or mustache to draw away from the angles of your jaw. As for glasses, opposites attract here. Angular styles will emphasize your face shape, while round frames will help soften your jawline and create a more balanced effect.

Round face shape

To create complementary angles for your round face shape, a shorter beard that comes to a point will make your face appear longer and sharper. You’ll want to avoid beards that are fuller on the sides as they will highlight your round face shape.

The same goes for your frame style. Try to avoid oval and round frames. Instead, geometric or angular styles will help create sharp lines and draw attention to the top half of your face to balance your beard.

Long face shape

Much like an oval face shape, you’re trying to create a rounder effect on your face and a full beard will help to hide the length of your face and make it appear rounder. Small square shapes won’t create depth around your face shape, so look for a wide frame with a strong topline and a solid color. Wire or acetate frames that have an emphasis on the brow line will give you the look you want while offering a stylish take on your frames.

Diamond shape

Diamond face shapes are characterized by wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead. To round out a pointy chin and a narrow face, you’ll want to reach for frames that have wider, angular features. Don’t be afraid of a wide frame. Oversized frames are very much in style. An angular oversized aviator frame offers a stylish and flattering frame.

While beards and frames can offer a flattering duo to your facial shape, the most stylish thing to flaunt is your personal style. Use this guide as a baseline and choose a frame that feels right for you.


Guide to selecting frames

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