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4 Ways to Sport Oversized Sunglasses Frames

by Kara Keigan
oversized sunglasses frames

Tiny sunglasses were trending last summer, but even as the weather cools, oversized glasses frames appear to be heating up. Whether you’re leaning into ‘70s inspired square shapes, grandma-chic aesthetics, or sporty shields, you may want to swap out your latest shades for the oversized glasses frames look.

Here are four different ways to rock oversized frames.

Dive into sporty elements with an oversized shield-style frame


Photo credit: Glowsly

Features like mirrored lenses, neon brights, or performance-inspired details add a cool touch to any outfit and provide the most sun protection. Shield sunglasses are characterized by the lack of bi-frames like most sunglasses have. Instead, the frames are comprised of a protective lens that covers the eyes and over the bridge of the nose.

Shield-style frames were sent down the runway by the likes of Stella McCartney and Loewe and have shown up on multiple members of the Kardashian clan.

shield style

Sourced from @BadGirlRiRi on Instagram

Not sure how to pull off this of-the-moment athletic trend? Take inspiration from Rihanna or influencer Anaa Saber and pair reflective shields with classic silhouettes like crisp denim or white jackets.

Sourced from @OurSecondSkin on Instagram

You can use sporty shields as a way to add an element of style to a modern silhouette, or use the sporty elements as a jumping off point and incorporate with biker shorts and other athletic inspired fits.

Celebs are rocking the glam oversized look

Photo sourced from @RosieHW on Instagram

Photo sourced from @RosieHW on Instagram

Celebrities have been reaching for glam oversized frames since the early aughts for one reason: they instantly make you look put together! Though some of the most classic pairs are thanks to Celine, there are iterations for everyone looking to take glam up a notch.

RosieHW on Instagram

Photo sourced from @RosieHW on Instagram

Take cues from model-turned-entrepreneur Rosie Huntington Whitely who can often be seen rocking a pair of glam oversized frames on her Instagram. She often pairs the shades with elevated neutrals and modern silhouettes for a look that always feels perfectly put together.

Or reach for a pair of oversized frames when makeup is too much trouble, but you’d still like to look fashionable without trying too hard. Whether you’re out running errands or fully put together, an oversized pair of frames will always feel on point for an extra moment of glam.

Oversized can be oh-so-retro

Photo sourced from @KerriPieri on Instagram

Nostalgia for the ‘70s is hardly new in fashion with each designer looking to add an extra element of rock n’ roll to any outfit. Oversized glasses naturally hide any signs of a late night, and designers are having fun playing with this decade’s fashion.

Large acetate aviators give a retro flair to any outfit, or reach for a colored lenses (we love golden yellow for fall). Retro nostalgia has been seen at the likes of Marni, Chloé, and as always Gucci. Harper’s Bazaar fashion director Kerri Pieri paired her oversized ‘70s shades with a golden-hued trench for fall against a pair of snakeskin boots.

70s inspired

Photo sourced from @WeWoreWhat on Instagram

If you’re still looking to nod to the last moments of summer (or another holiday perhaps?) lighten up with a pair of yellow tinted shades. The oversized frames won’t feel so overwhelming with clear, bright color lenses.

There’s nothing old about grandma-chic 


Photo sourced from @MARIA_BERNAD on Instagram

A whole host of grandma-approved trends have come sweeping in. From cardigans to sunglass chains, frames just like a pair your grandpa or grandma used to wear are back in style. These thick-framed oversized eyewear have been seen coming down the catwalks at Burberry, Stella McCartney, Boss, and Gucci.

Play up the aesthetic with babushka scarves and oversized silhouettes or contrast against them with sleek hair and high necklines. This trend looks great against fall coats and in warm shades of browns. If you’re still able to dress for summer, take style tips from Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and contrast a pair of granny-chic glasses against a sexy slip dress (bonus points for a draped cardigan!).

Go big

There you have it… Whether you’re a classic glam style or into more daring  “grandma-approved” trends, there is a pair of oversized frames out there to fit your vibe. Work with bold colors or neutrals, sporty shields or classic squares to find your perfect style.

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