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Geek Chic: The Rise of the Office Siren Look

by Kara Keigan
Geek chic specs

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see a variety of chic specs on the likes of Bella Hadid and Doja Cat. Whether it’s dubbed “hot nerd,” “office siren,” or “Bayonetta glasses,” named after the titular character of the popular Japanese video game, it’s official – geek chic is back. Prescription glasses are seeing a newfound resurgence, with a focus on small rectangular frames.

Giselle Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) courtesy of Vogue Scandinavia

So what is “office siren?”

It’s a new aesthetic sweeping TikTok and street style stars derived from 1990s office wear. Think skirt suits (definitely mini), button-down stripes, and a business shoe with a twist. The wardrobe formula is well-defined with a palette of blacks, grays, and browns across trousers, slim-fit shirts, and turtlenecks. 

Picture Ally McBeal and envision a 2024 twist and there you have it. For makeup, think matte finishes and cool-toned browns with a burgundy lipstick necessary for an after-hours work transition. The star of the show for this aesthetic – Bayonetta glasses. A sensible pair of glasses on a video game heroine, these styles are rectangular in fit and look like they came straight out of the ‘90s.

While Bella Hadid is at the forefront of this street-style look, we can also look to past movies and recent runways to see the rise of this trend. Giselle Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada effortlessly nails a small metal frame paired with a chic, designer outfit. As for the runways, Prada A/W ‘24 sent models down the catwalk with rectangular frames with a slight cat-eye-inspired lift, while Hodakova went for classic and bold in black rectangular frames.

While this is currently the ultimate It-girl accessory, the classic shape and style of the frame is also a great option to upgrade your current specs. Whether you’re in the market for an improved version of your prescription lenses or you’re looking to make a sartorial statement, check out our round-up of these must-have styles,

Versace VE1163M

Keep it classic with these small metal frames offer a luxurious twist. The sturdy arm and Versace logo add a bit of weight to this traditionally lightweight frame, while the gold and black color palette feel ultra-luxe.

Ray-Ban RX8901

Embrace the gray-tone color palette of this aesthetic and reach for an icy dove gray pair of frames from Ray-Ban. With an unexpected-yet-neutral color like gray, you’ll find your frame packs a punch with your outfit accessories.

Prada PR 18ZV

These chic Prada frames come in many color options like black, tortoise, and translucent gray, but the star of the show includes a sultry oxblood marble. Stay on-theme and pair it with a matching lip to perfect the daytime-to-nighttime transition.

Giorgio Armani AR5108

Embrace Bayonetta to its core – these Armani frames offer a lightweight, wire frame that embodies this geek chic trend. Silver and minimal, these frames will be the perfect accessory to many looks.

Fundamentals F004

The office siren trend isn’t just for small wireframes, These chunky rectangular frames offer the same aesthetic with a contemporary twist. While the small rectangular frames are reminiscent of this ‘90s-inspired trend, the classic chunky tortoise palette will bring you more into the current decade.

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