Measure Pupil Distance

Pupillary distance (PD for short) is used for proper fitting of prescription glasses. As an adult, your PD never changes - even when your prescription changes. You can request your PD measurement from your optician when you receive your prescription. You can also easily measure your PD yourself:

You can either use our online tool (option 1 below) which requires a webcam plus a regular card with a magnetic strip such as a credit card, etc.
Or, you can do it manually following the instructions in option 2 below.

Option 1 - Online Tool

Click To Start Our Online PD Tool

Option 2 - Manual Instructions

Step 1:

Place a ruler with millimeter measurements on your nose, with the starting point centered on the pupil of one eye

Step 2:

Stand in front of a mirror and look straight. Measure the distance from the centre of the first pupil to the centre of the second pupil. A friend can help in reading the measurement but they must be at the same height as you.

Step 3:

The PD value should be accurate so that your prescription glasses are sized correctly for your face; we recommend that you confirm your PD properly by taking the average of 3 measurements.