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Get Ready to Rock a Pair of Rimless Shades for Summer

by Kara Keigan
Rimless shades for summer

Lightweight, durable, and minimalist shades are a great fit for summer.

Whether you are looking for sporty shades for your next big race, polarized lenses for your days on the water, or maximal coverage in shield frames, rimless sunglasses offer fluid and dynamic shapes to carry you through the hot months.

The lack of a bulky frame offers a lightweight approach to your sunnies, utilizing comfort and durability. Frame-free shades create a clean and modern look that can provide better coverage and protection from the sun, wind, and debris.

With a minimalist aesthetic and lightweight nature, rimless glasses flatter all face shapes for both men and women. Shop EZContacts favorite unisex rimless frames for your next summer adventure.

Perfectly polarized

A pair of sunglasses with green lenses

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Maui Jim Breakwall

Maui Jim is one of EZContacts’ highest rated eyewear because of their durability, high-quality materials, and comfortable fit. The Breakwall model above features polarized lenses aside a lightweight frame for unmatched comfort and versatility.

Costa del Mar-velously cool

A close up of a pair of sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar BALLAST (Plastic) 6S9071_P

Created specially by a group of fishermen to protect their eyes after long days on the boat, Costa del Mar has been a go-to brand of sunglasses for those who live to be on the water. The rimless polycarbonate frame is lightweight and resilient, while the green, polarized reflective lenses enhance your vision and contrast for full-sun days.

Big cover-up

Ready yourself for any activity with a pair of performance rimless glasses from iconic sports brand Under Armour. The aerodynamic, wrap-style frames are built for maximum coverage from the sun for whatever water sport, workout, or activity your summer brings. Plus, with a unisex style they’re good for the whole family.

Just dandy for sandy days

Maui Jim was inspired by the pristine, sand beaches of Sugar Beach when they named these frames. Like their namesake, the rimless sunglasses—featuring polarized lenses—provide supreme clarity. The oblong rimless lenses are accentuated with root-beer-colored lenses to enhance contrast and depth perception.

Wanna’ get rosey?

Play with a bolder take on rimless glasses with a set of oversized, shield-style frames. While still conveying a sporty design, the ombre reflective lenses from Carrera offer style and sun protection with a rose-gold finish and are adorned with gold studs.

A bold blue splash

For a futuristic take on rimless frames, try on these cool-blue frames from Versace. The frameless, shield lenses create a fluid and flattering shape. An avant-garde color with bold templates decorated with the logo, these unisex frames make a splash for summer.

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