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Style Icon Hailey Bieber with the Tinted Lenses Look

by Kara Keigan
tinted lens look

No one can make an item go viral like the ever-chic Hailey Bieber.

Whether it’s the latest makeup trend or a new pair of it-girl shades, when Hailey sports it, we can expect to see popularity skyrocket. She also knows the power of a well-timed accessory, and her sunglasses game is no different.

Hailey’s everyday accessories make such a strong sartorial impact because she showcases how to turn an everyday accessory into a wardrobe-making outfit. Her style skews toward classic, with just a touch of trend-driven elements.


For example, an outfit simple in silhouette and color, Hailey brings a maxi coat and black LBD to new heights. It is not uncommon to see her in public with a pair of sleek frames from Saint Laurent. However, these slightly chunky, sharp frames have been updated with a lightly tinted lens.

Like the outfit, the sunglasses are seemingly simple in shape and classic silhouette, however the soft brown lenses bring the entire frame to the next level.

The exaggerated sharp cat eye has been popular from the brand in recent years, but the lightly tinted lenses update the frames for this year. This curved-cay eye trend has been eclipsed over the years by the Y2K frameless oval frames and chunky rectangular frames as of late, however this trendy-yet-traditional frame strikes the perfect balance.

The upturned cat eye frame can be flattering for any face shape, making this a well-suited investment that straddles the line of timeless and on-trend.

Try out the style for yourself and shop the best of Hailey Bieber inspired sunglasses.

The sunglasses that started it all: these Saint Laurent sunnies are some of Hailey’s most worn frames. Try the updated version with grey lenses for a fresher take.

Looking for an even bolder update? The same cat eye shape comes in pink with grey-tinted lenses.

Ray-Ban RB2140F WAYFARER Asian Fit

Heritage brand Ray-Ban also offers a trusted take on the tinted lens with their beloved wayfarer shape. The black frames and grey lenses will give you that translucent-tinted lens look.

Another option from Saint Laurent, these chunky frames feature less of an up-turned cat and instead more of a dominate, square frame with a bold browline.

Versace proves that angular cat eyes and tinted lenses go hand in hand to create the perfect trendy shade. Instead of a grey/black color palette, embrace a warmer, tonal palette with orange translucent frames and sunny bronze tinted lenses.

For a chunkier take on the cat eye frame, these speckled Bottega Veneta frames showcase a soft brown tinted lens, situated against a dark brown tortoise frame. They feel like a fresher and more modern take than a black cat eye.

To those averse to a sharp cat eye look, these Prada sunnies feature the same tinted lenses trend with a stronger, square frame. While the frames are in men’s category, they hit a unisex stride for a flattering shape all around.

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