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Patterned Eyeglasses Offer a Fun and Unexpected Look

by Kara Keigan
Patterned eyeglasses

While tortoiseshell is seen as a classic style, popularized almost 100 years ago, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate pattern play into your eyeglasses.

Designers have been artistically expanding on this trend, trying out different textures, patterns, and prints on acetate frames. From edgy graffiti to Burberry plaid, these printed eyeglass frames offer a fun and unexpected look. And patterned eyeglasses aren’t just for those wanting a bold look. Subdued hues and subtle colors offer a unique take on your next pair of frames.

Let’s have a look at some of our shoppers’ favorites…

Lace isn’t just for your favorite top, turns out, it makes a creative pattern for your favorite pair of frames as well. These Dolce & Gabbana frames straddle a sassy yet sweet look with a feminine cat eye shape and edgy black lace print.

Designer specs are a great investment to highlight your favorite brand. In this case, the iconic brand Missoni, known for its intricate textured and colorful patterns, showcases geometric-print frames that look straight from the runway.

Dolce and Gabbana scribbled across these translucent frames offer a whole new version of street style to add to your wardrobe. Graffiti glasses offer a muted pattern from afar, while up close show off their edgy and unexpected truth.

Leopard print makes a statement everywhere else in your closet, so why not your glasses too? These stylish yet playful frames from Kate Spade prove that sometimes, a print can be neutral enough for every day.

Nobody will mistake what designer brand you’re sporting with these textured patterned glasses. The iconic Burberry plaid finds a new home from the heritage brand and makes for an excuse to add another checked item to your wardrobe.

Sometimes just a peak of a print is enough to make a statement. Case in point: these Alain Mikli glasses have checkered patterns peaking out in just the right places all highlighted by a milky white marble and exaggerated cat eye silhouette.

A translucent light pink color palette helps an overwhelming pattern like polka dots get a subdued and girly update with these blush D&G frames. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that add just a touch of pattern play, look no further.

A soft swirl pattern creates a soothing marble-like pattern in these Alain Mikli frames for a perfectly retro look. If a tonal blue color palette isn’t your preference, go bolder in a Havana Blue and lipstick red option instead.

For a chic utilitarian look, reach for these bold and boxy Burberry frames. The strategically placed tortoiseshell patterns create a camo-like effect, stylishly updated in a black and neutral version.

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