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Dress Like the Stars With These Celebrity Inspired Specs

by Shorey Andrews
Celebrity eyewear 2019

We look to celebrities to help us determine what’s cool and trending in the world of fashion. They have all of the right connections and stylists at their disposal to look their very best no matter where they choose to spend their time.
Of course, many celebrities have big incomes and can pay the big bucks to have someone dress them from head to toe, but when it comes to sporting the best specs, celebrities are just like us.
Take a look at the below eyewear worn by your favorite stars to help inspire your very own look.

Bella Hadid

She is the supermodel of the world, but that doesn’t stop Bella Hadid from taking some time to choose the perfect pair of glasses for her show-stopping face. This skinny cat eye look has been slowly rising in popularity and is the perfect fit for an eye-catching statement. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Vogue 5213


Jeff Goldblum

Too hip for us not care what he’s up to and wearing, Jeff Goldblum stands the test of time. His signature look has included various eyewear since the beginning of his career and these oversized frames are a must-have. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Tom Ford 5493


Jennifer Aniston

The ‘90s still have a major moment in fashion and design and that’s why we can’t help but fall in love with Jennifer Aniston’s throwback aesthetic. Invisible and thin wire frames have recently seen a rise in popularity and are showing no signs of stopping. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Silhouette Fusion (Shade 4520)


Joseph Gordon Levit

Joseph Gordon Levit can’t help but play up his adorkable side by showing off his noteworthy glasses collection. He’s been known to rock a few different looks and we’re a huge fan of these modern spectacles. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Ermenegildo Zegna 5070)


Emmy Rossu

When she isn’t busy playing the fun and fearless Fiona on Shameless, Emmy Rossum can be found doing normal everyday things, like wearing her favorite glasses. There is something about this bold look that we adore. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Dsquared2 Grenoble 5172



The beloved talk show host has been wearing glasses for what seems like forever. Not one to shy away from looking fashionable and fabulous, Oprah has found a pair of glasses to match all of her moods. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Prada 29RV


Andy Samberg

He may be known for being a goofball both on and off-screen, but that hasn’t stopped Andy Samberg from taking his eyewear seriously. Thin frames make Andy look like both a comedian and a scholar. Photo credit:  Instagram
Get the Look: Persol 3174V


Zooey Deschanel

Of course, a celebrity-inspired list wouldn’t be complete without featuring the well-loved Zooey Deschanel. Thick frames are still super popular and we can’t help but wonder if Jessica Day from New Girl had something to do with their everlasting love. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: Bobbi Brown The Logan


Iris Apfel

Iris makes a solid argument for “go big or go home.” She’s known for her wicked design sense and has earned her right as one of the most sought-after fashion icons of her time. If you’re looking to upgrade your look you may want to consider the over-sized frame. Photo credit:  Instagram
Get the Look: Pomellato 00200


Gwen Stefani

She may be just a girl in the world, but that doesn’t stop Gwen Stefani from showcasing her fun and adventurous style both on and off-stage. Now you can look just like Gwen when you choose your favourite frames from her own personal eyewear lines GX by Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. Photo credit: Instagram
Get the Look: GX by Gwen Stefani 004

The following guide offers suggestions for selecting the eyeglasses frames that best complement your face shape and color characteristics. 
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