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Cool Frames: Trendy Pink Eyeglasses

by Kara Keigan
think pink-tinted glasses

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we’re thinking pink…

Millennial pink has been a standout trend from the fashion crowds to the interior design world in the past few years. Boasting the perfect neutral pastel, pink tinted glasses are now trending in the eyewear world as well.

So what is “millennial pink?”

It is described as not quite bubble gum pink, yet somewhere between a grapefruit and salmon color. With this universally flattering shade, it’s a great trend to adopt if you’re looking to try something new—whether you are looking for an understated accessory or a focal point to your look.

Clear frame eyeglasses have taken center stage in eyewear trends recently, so it is no wonder pared-down blush frames have followed suit. They are the perfect compromise for those who don’t want to fully commit to clear frames, but are looking for something lighter and brighter than dark oversized frames.

Or have you adopted the translucent frames trend and are now looking for a new twist? Blush frames, in particular, millennial pink, may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Neutral tones paired with minimalist frames will remain in fashion for eyewear so it is the perfect time to try out this pastel hue.

Add color to your face

Opaque or sheer frames in a pink or rose will brighten any pasty, fatigued, or dull complexions. The glasses act like your favorite blush and add a bit of color to your face. Whether you choose a classic or trendy frame, there is definitely a shade of pink out there to fit your style. As for bright pinks and statement making frames, save those for reading glasses or faux fashion frames as they often can be overpowering to your look!

Large frames like these Dolce & Gabbana glasses pictured above are perfect for those looking for a fashionable touch to any outfit.

The slight oversized cat eye will provide a statement accessory, while the dusty pink makes it wearable for everyday. What really makes these frames stand out are the diagonal shapes in the frame that emulate a diamond and make any outfit shine bright.

How to wear pink tinted glasses

To rock your pink frames, remember your complementary color families and color opposites. If you are already sporting a dark outfit, soft pink frames can lighten up the overall look (and brighten the face). Just adding a touch of blush will add color and lightness to your look without stealing the show. Blush frames contrast well with deep purples (try pairing with a berry lip), stark blacks, charcoal greys, or pops of bright green if you’re feeling bold.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what style frame to go with, check out our guide to finding the best frames to suit your face. To keep the look light and bright, opt for translucent blush frames as it will complement your facial features and brighten your face. Dark or oversized frames will often cast shadows or hide your face.

For those with a fair complexion or light colored hair, try incorporating frames with a slightly darker hue like the dusty rose featured in the Dolce & Gabbana frames above. They will help add dimension to your complexion while not washing you out.

For those with darker hair and skin tones, a bright light hue similar to the Michael Kors glasses pictured here will contrast well on your face. The best part is you can grab these designer frames for under $100!

Have you jumped on the translucent frames trend yet? What’s stopping you! Millennial pink frames are the perfect place to start. With so many variations of this popular color, this flattering trend is fashion forward and easy to adopt. 

Here are some more popular pink-tinted glasses you may like…

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