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High Fashion Versace Sunglasses

by Kara Keigan
Versace sunglasses

Versace has been a leading fashion brand for all kinds of clothing, accessories, and eyewear for decades.

Looking for sunglasses that feature a bold emblem of an iconic designer brand? Versace is for you, thanks in part to the iconic Medusa head logo.

Gianni’s Greek influence

Gianni Versace was an Italian fashion designer and founder of the iconic brand. The company produces clothes, home furnishings, fragrances, makeup, and of course, sunglasses. Tragically, Gianni Versace was killed outside his Miami Beach mansion in 1997. His sister, Donatella, has been at the helm of the Versace empire since and has helped build it into the fashion powerhouse it is today.

Versace was a brilliant designer. Hellenic heritage and mythology were some of Gianni’s most heavily cited inspirations when creating for his brand.

He was born in Southern Italy, a region of Italy once known as Great Greece where the imprint of Greek cultural tradition is still evident today. In his early years of Reggio di Calabria, Gianni first adopted the Medusa head as a muse. He eventually sourced the Medusa head as one of the central images of his Versace logos, incorporating deep symbolic history into what would become one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

Gianni’s Medusa

So who was this iconic figure in Greek mythology? She was one of the three Gorgons in classical Greek mythology and the only one who was mortal. Her familiar story is about a young, golden-haired, and beautiful mortal who caught the eye of the God Poseidon. Impulsively, Poseidon decided to ravish the maiden in the temple of another god until they were caught. In a fit of rage, Athena turned Medusa into a hideous monster with serpent hair. Her ghastly appearance turned anyone who looked upon her into stone.

Gianna, instead, liked the incarnation of Medusa more fit for an alluring mortal suggestive of power, beauty, and strength. The Medusa head that appears in the brand’s logo is an extension of the expression of the Versace vision, amplifying a taste for tradition and classical nuance, in addition to enchanting audiences with styles that are brilliant, original, and stylish.


The Versace Medusa head logo features the head of Medusa in the center portrayed as a beautiful woman. Rather than portraying Medusa with snakes for hair, Medusa is portrayed with overflowing golden hair encircled by a ring of Greek keys—decorative patterns based on single lines that twist like a maze.

While the Versace logo usually is emblazoned with the designer name, the prominent logo is recognized around the world with or without it. The Versace Medusa logo is common on sunglasses, firmly cementing them as recognizable far beyond that of Greek mythology.

Whether you’re looking for a bold designer statement or thoughtful golden details, Versace sunglasses are known for being stylish, eye-catching, and of course, with that certain Versace flair. Shop EZ Contacts customer favorites below.

EZContacts customer favorites

Our customers are quick to post photos and reviews of their Versace sunglasses. Here are some great ones…

Versace is known for adding a bit of drama to classic shapes. Take these aviators for example. The classic Versace logo is front and center, in addition to cut-out details, which help elevate these classic mirrored aviators.

If you’re looking to make a bold and glamorous statement, oversized shield sunglasses from Versace will do just that. This versatile pair comes with more than one shield style so you can mix and match, seamlessly switching-up from transparent to gradient lenses.

For a stylish upgrade to those ultra-skinny frames, these chunky Versace frames will deliver. The oversized arm is bold enough to show off the Versace emblem, while the slightly angular eye shape adds some visual interest to the front.

Intricate side details flaunt the Versace emblem across oversized sunglass arms on these stylish shades. As shown off by an EZContacts customer, these classic aviators get a striking update with gold details that perfectly contrast with the red.

These glamorous Versace frames add just the right amount of embellishment without being overpowering. The oversized black cat-eye shape is ultra-flattering, while the golden logo detailing adds a modern stylish flair.

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