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Top Selling Sunglasses in Summer 2020

by Barry Silver
Top sunglasses 2020

When it rains, you buy umbrellas. And when summer arrives, you buy sunglasses.

We don’t sell umbrellas, but we’re the supplier of designer-brand sunglasses for many thousands of people that have come to appreciate the benefits of purchasing quality eyewear online. So, if you’re interested in trends, you’re bound to find this article interesting.

We’re going to examine the shades that got hot during the three-month season beginning June 21, 2020, a.k.a. summer solstice. Interestingly, the list of top-selling sunglasses didn’t resemble what sold most in 2019 or 2018. Suffice to say, while some styles stick around for decades, consumer tastes in sunglasses tend to change each year.


Some sunglasses trends are predictable

The top 10 we’re about to showcase are a collection of (1) classic styles, (2) sports-styled sunglasses, and (3) trendy, hot fashions. Let’s have a look.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

For many, when you think of sunglasses, you think of Ray-Ban. And then, what also may come to mind is the Wayfarer, which has become the brand’s most iconic style. This summer—by a good margin—the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer was our top-selling style of sunglasses.

New wayfarerRay-Ban RB2132 NEW WAYFARER

New wayfarer customersEZContacts offers an enormous number of color combinations for what has become a perennial favorite, the “new” Wayfarer. Truth be told, the design isn’t all that new, but it’s newer than the classic Wayfarer. The “new” style, which dates back to 2001 offers a smaller, less angular design. Obviously, it appeals to a lot of sunglasses buyers.

(Pictured: Alexander, from our customer gallery, who says you can’t go wrong with the classic Wayfarer look)


Oakley Sutro

As you’re about to learn, no brand—at large—outshined or outsold Oakley. The first of three of our top ten sunglasses from Oakley also represents the sizzling hot shield-style sunglasses trend.

Oakley Sutro

Oakley SUTRO OO9406

Our extensive selection of Oakley Sutro styles offer different frame colors and lens colors. A clear lens option is also available, should you want glasses merely to protect your eyes.

Oakley Flak

The 2020 Oakley rally continues here and the ever-popular Oakley Flak model rages on in popularity.

Oakley Flak original

Oakley OO9295 FLAK 2.0

Because Oakley Flak is so popular, you’ll find an amazing spectrum of color and lens variations. The style is also available in an XL version

Burberry BE4291

Brandis in BurberryYes, coming in fourth was yet another shield style. Burberry hit one out of the park here with a model offered with a grey lens, a silver and gold combo (the logo is presented across the entire width), and even a clear option.

(Pictured: Brandis, from our customer gallery, who says she loves her Burberry sunglasses)

Burberry shieldBurberry BE4291

Oakley Holbrook

Oakley makes the top ten list yet again with its Holbrook model (also available in an XL option).

Oakley Holbrook

Oakley HOLBROOK OO9102

The list of frame and lens color options is very extensive for this popular frame.

Michael Kors Chelsea

This style is on a roll. In summer 2019, it ranked number one and its popularity carries over into 2020’s top 10 list.Kors Chelsea

Michael Kors MK5004 CHELSEA

Crystal in Kors


(Pictured: Our customer Crystal, cruising in her Kors, who wrote a review that read, “Fast shipping, 100% authentic. And did you see that price? Don’t pass them up!)





Costa Del Mar Rincon

Deservedly, Costa Del Mar joins this year’s top 10 with its practical and good-looking Rincon frame.

Costa Del Mar Rincon


Costa Del Mar RINCON (Glass) 6S9018_G

12 frame and lens color combinations are offered. The lenses are made of glass, however, a plastic model is also available (and popular). Note that Costa Del Mar is popular with water sports enthusiasts because—among other reasons—their lenses are polarized.

Dior 30Montaigne

We mentioned “trendy hot fashions” made the list and these shades from Dior obviously fit the bill. They’re oversized, retro—and square (or squarish).

Dior Montaigne


Aleksandra in Dior


(Pictured: Aleksandra, who wrote she loves, loves, loves her “beautiful statement glasses.”)




Versace VE4361

Bling! Versace sunglasses tend to make our top-seller list regularly and here we have 2020’s champion.  

Versace VE4361

Versace VE4361

Fernando Versace

(That’s Fernando. He simply said he loves his sunglasses. He’s one of many customers raving about this Versace model.) 





Versace VE4393

Versace again. Shield-style again. That’s the summer of 2020 for you.

Versace shield VE4393Versace VE4393

Sunglasses buyers went big with this interesting, original design. They’re offered in popular colors including black, white and Havana—as well as transparent fuxia (shown above).

See more reviews and images from our customer gallery here.

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