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A Look at the Shield-Style Sunglasses Trend

by Kara Keigan
shield-style sunglasses

Fashion trends swing like a pendulum from one extreme to the other.

After skinny sunglasses had their moment in the spotlight, a swing in the opposite direction seemed inevitable. While the “barely-there” shades were popular, it now appears larger-than-life shield-style sunglasses are taking the hot trend.

But these trends aren’t completely dissimilar. Shield-style sunglasses will still incorporate futuristic characteristics that we attribute to skinny sunglasses.

These face-covering frames have been seen on everybody from Jennifer Lopez to the Kardashians which means this hot trend is making a real comeback—with extreme versions that look a lot like safety goggles to the more wearable oversized pair that look vintage-inspired.

Whether you’re reaching for a mirrored lens, futuristic style, or performance-inspired shades, shield style sunglasses add an instant pop to any look and plenty of sun protection. Shield sunglasses are characterized by the lack of bi-frames like most sunglasses have. The frames feature a large shield-style protective lens that covers the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

Shield-style from the runway

We often scour the runways to find the latest sunglass trends. (Get more runway inspiration here).

Louis Vuitton sent models down the runway in dark futuristic sunglasses back in 2018 and since then, many have continued to follow suit.

Givenchy shield style

Givenchy opted for ombre shades in warm tones.


Chanel finished off their ensembles with silver reflective lenses reminiscent of our favorite classic aviators.

Both shield-style sunglasses deliver strong, but different looks. Ombre shades in brown and amber tones leave us with a vintage-inspired look straight from the ‘70s. Chanel’s silver reflective lenses play on sporty and futuristic influences, which is a welcome variation on the classic frame shape. Because there are so many directions for shield-sunglasses to take, that makes this trend ultra-wearable.

How to wear shield-style shades

Anisa Stoffel in shields shades

Anisa Stoffel on Instagram 

For those looking to meet this trend head-on, embrace the oversized futuristic styles seen the hot celebrities. The sci-fi inspired glasses look best when paired with an effortlessly cool ensemble. Take Instagram influencer Anisa Stoffel for example. She paired her reflective, sci-fi inspired glasses with an effortlessly cool silk dress, grey hijab, and oversized gold hoops.

Jennifer Lopez - shield style shades

Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to show off her shield-style frames and matching ‘70s inspired ensemble. She combined three of the hottest sunglass trends—rimless, colored lenses, and shield-inspired frames—for a look that was instantly retro. She paired these stylish frames with a suede belted jacket, leather shorts, and platform boots.

Victoria Beckham - shield style

Victoria Beckham on Instagram

If you’re still on the fence about shield style sunglasses, take inspiration from Victorian Beckham, whose take on this bold trend is a bit more approachable. She still rocked the oversized frames, but instead of bright colors, high reflections, and rimless finish, she opted for a pair of classic, dark frames with slightly ombre lenses. This will give you an instantly chic albeit don’t-mess-with-me look.

A fun part about sunglass trends is adopting the latest and greatest without making a commitment to a certain style. While we will always recommend classic frames in timeless shapes like aviators or cat-eyes, it’s fun to play around with the latest trends. 

Shop shield-style shades

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Versace VE2180

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Versace VE2197

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Swarovski SK0236-P 36991

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