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Geek Chic Fashion: The Glasses Your Favorite TV Stars Wear

by Kara Keigan
Geek chic inspired by TV stars

There are some TV personalities you just can’t picture without their signature style eyeglasses. Whether they rock the same style as their TV counterpart or not, the television celebrities have great style on and off the screen. We gathered some of the most notable glasses-wearing TV stars and the frames you can shop to steal their style. 

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel eyeglassesZooey played the queen of quirk on the popular sitcom New Girl and her glasses seem to be as much a part of her character as her cardigans and A-line dresses. She has taken her face-framing bangs outside the show which look great with her large, circular, dark frames.

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Rainn Wilson

Rainn played the very popular Dwight Schrute on the US version of The Office. While Rainn may not need glasses outside the show, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out a pair of aviator frames. Adapt his style in ‘70s inspired frames that have only continued to gain popularity.

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Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of America’s favorite comedians, actors, and writers. During her time at 30 Rock she worked as Liz Lemon, a creator and writer of the SNL-inspired show. She keeps it classic and minimal in small oval-shaped frames that suit any hairstyle or face shape. With frames like this, opt for a bold color if you’re looking to make a statement.

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling plays the role of a successful doctor on The Mindy Project. On the show, Mindy on has goals to become a well-rounded woman and makes a statement doing so in a pair of oversized red-brown frames to look the part. Off the show, Kaling also prefers to rock oversized frames in dark neutral colors.

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Conrad Wayne Ricamora

Conrad Wayne Ricamora plays Oliver Hampton on the hit mystery and drama How to Get Away with Murder. Steal his geek chic inspired style with round tortoiseshell frames perfect for adding a hint of intelligence to any look. Off the show, he prefers to wear similar circular styles in a bold black or tortoiseshell.

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Laura Prepon

Prepon first gained fame after she appeared on That ‘70s Show but she is more recently known for playing Alex, one of the main characters on Orange Is the New Black. Her small-framed black glasses serve as her signature with winged eyeliner on the show. Though she doesn’t regularly wear glasses as her character did, she has been spotted in similar styles in addition to bold oversized frames as well.

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Simon Cowell

The British reality television judge and producer has taken his role as America’s favorite critic to the stages of American Idol, The X Factor, and America’s Got Talent. Known for his quick wit and unwavering opinion, he keeps it geek-chic with thin wire circular frames. He has definitely nailed down a new signature look for himself only sporting these styles of frames as of late.

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The famed talk show host is clearly a huge fan of glasses. She has been seen in many kinds of frames but is drawn to thicker plastic frames in black, tortoiseshell, and navy. The thick large frames serve as a focal point and statement maker for the mega TV personality.

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Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is another tv personality that isn’t afraid to switch up her style when it comes to trying out different frames. She is often seen sporting the latest trends from cat-eye, to bold colors, to clear frames, but she seems keen on wearing cool two-tone frames as well. These frames give you a “best of both worlds” approach while keeping it trendy.

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Stephen Colbert

The famed late-night talk show host has definitely switched-up his glasses style. While he used to only be seen in a rimless frame, he has shaken things up a bit when it comes to his frame choice. He can often be seen rocking a thick pair of wayfarer style glasses when he is not in his original style of rimless frames. And why not switch it up? Glasses are the perfect accessory to diversify your look.

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