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5 Ways to Embrace Sunglasses Trends from the ’90s

by Kara Keigan
90s styles

Scrolling through social media, it seems like a new ‘90s trend is reappearing every other day. In fact, some of the resurgences of the ‘90s in the fashion world are so widespread that those that weren’t there the first time around don’t even recognize the not-so-particularly new throwbacks of that generation.

You don’t have to be versed in the latest trends to realize this shift, seeing that 1990s style is influencing our fashion in every aspect—slouchy denim, strapless tops, low-rise jeans, and minimalist sunglasses are all things well-loved by the ‘90s aesthetic that are back and stronger than ever.

With plenty of images of Princess Diana and Brad Pitt inspiration to sift through, you’ll find countless sunglasses you’ll want to add to your wardrobe ASAP. And thankfully, there are plenty of ways to try on this throwback trend. From wireframes to rectangular and oval skinny styles, the key to nailing the ‘90s-inspired sunglass trend is embracing the minimalism of the decade.

There are a few defining qualities to this wave of ’90s-inspired sunglasses: they’re small-framed; they often feature candy-colored lenses, and they either have thick acetate frames or they’re totally frameless. From Jennifer Aniston to the Olsen twins, these throwback frames have a nod to futurism infused throughout.

There are five ways to try on ‘the 90s-inspired sunglass trend: wireframes, tinted lenses, sporty style, and oval and rectangular silhouettes. Embrace the past for a look that feels surprisingly modern and fresh for the summer.

Wire frames

Tiny wire-rimmed sunnies may be the first image to come to mind when you think of great ’90s-inspired sunglasses. From oval-shaped to rectangular to brightly-colored lenses, most ‘90s frames feature a small wireframe that lends itself naturally to the bare-bones trend of the decades. Try on whatever shape suits you most, but the key is small frames and minimal silhouettes.

Tinted shades

While we’ve seen the tinted sunglasses trend surge in the past with ‘70s-inspired oversized aviator silhouettes, the sunglasses of the ‘90s embraced tiny frames in every shape. While those looking for a bold addition to their wardrobe can opt for cotton candy hues, a more subtle take on the tinted lens trends is a neutral navy lens.

Rectangular frames

Rectangular is one shape practically taking over Instagram feeds this year and for good reason—they’re versatile and flatter almost every aesthetic. Opt for brightly colored, bold frames for a classic cool take on this ‘90s trend, or keep it neutral with bold neutral frames and blingy side arms.

Sporty sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses are no stranger to the trendy, littering fashion runways from Bottega Veneta to Balenciaga and launching a million “gas station glasses” think pieces, but the influences of this functional trend are clearly rooted in the ‘90s R&B style stars of that era. From Aliyah to Destiny’s Child, it doesn’t get more ‘90s than the sporty-inspired look.

Oval sunglasses

Whether they’re the ultra-mini style as seen on Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt or Kurt Cobain’s signature white bug-eye sunnies, oblong frames have sneakily come back on the scene. And square face shapes rejoice because round and oval frames are the perfect shape to soften the edges of your face. Go grunge with acetate white oversized frames or keep it minimal and cool with small wire frames.

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