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A Showcase of our Customers’ Favorite Prada Eyewear

by Kara Keigan
Prada eyewear

Prada is one of the most famous brands in fashion history. With the rise of prominent logos over the years, Prada’s instantly recognizable triangle trademark is often seen on the iconic nylon bag to trendy sunglasses.

Leather goods were the centerpiece of the brand when Mario and Martino Prada founded it in 1913 as Fratelli Prada, translating to Prada Brothers. Steam trunks, handbags, and animal goods were imported from England and were the first products the company focused on.

Mario Prada believed a woman should not work outside the home and did not want any of his female family members to join the company. Regardless of this philosophy, his son showed no interest in the family business so his daughter, Luisa, joined and successfully ran Prada for twenty years before passing it along to her daughter, Miuccia.

Prada transformed into the luxury brand we know today when Miuccia met Patrizio Bertelli, a 24-year-old Italian leather businessman, who convinced Miuccia to focus instead on luxury luggage pieces. Another important business lesson he passed along — instead of importing from England, focus on locally sourced materials. It was this business decision that was formative in the rise of this traditional luxury brand and the Prada we know today.

Fashion is instant language.”

– Miuccia Prada

Miuccia and Patrizio understood the importance of branding in order to expand into the luxury market. After a strategic second boutique opening, they had officially been elevated into the luxury segment. They continue to open boutiques in Madrid, Florence, and Paris, in upscale and prominent districts to reflect their high-quality offerings.

In 1984, a shoe line was released followed by a classic Prada handbag the next year. Accessories are still one of the most popular selling Prada product lines, with handbags as the most recognizable. Five years later, Prada officially launched into women’s clothing alongside competitor Louis Vuitton. The dropped waistlines and narrow belt designs were an instant hit amongst the trendy crowds. By the ‘90s, Prada had risen to become one of the top fashion brands in the world.

The beginning of Prada eyewear

Continuing to take the luxury market by force, Prada teamed up with De Rigo Group to develop their first Prada eyewear collection just before the turn of the century. Prada sunglasses remain an iconic accessory among the trendy today, partly because of their stylish silhouettes, but also because of the logo prominently placed across most of their luxury goods. In comparison to popular Gucci or Versace sunglasses, Prada doesn’t produce the most over-the-top, trendy frames but instead, focuses on neutral color palettes with essential styles—with a twist of chic cosmopolitan.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Part of the allure of Prada eyewear is the ability to show off that instantly recognizable Prada logo seen on oversized temples and emblazoned across the designs.

From angular chunky frames to trendy wire glasses, Prada offers stylish and wearable sunglasses and eyeglasses for everyone. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular eyewear with the help of our customers (as seen in our customer gallery).

“So cool,” says Tinatin.
She’s wearing Prada PR 17WS sunglasses.
“Love my new frames. So cute, wrote Ciara.
She’s wearing Prada PR 09YV frames.
“I am thrilled with my sunglasses! The quality is fantastic.”
She’s wearing Prada PR 67XS sunglasses.
Aswani claims to be in love… “In lovvvvve!!”
My prescription is just right and I paid half of what my local eyeglasses shop was charging for the same frames.
She’s wearing bold and stylish Prada PR 18WV frames.
“These glasses are AWESOME!” Doris wrote. “I get so many compliments. They are so comfortable and cool.”
She’s wearing Prada PR 15WS shades.
April says, “Gorgeous sunnies! My new favorite pair!”
She’s wearing Prada PR 60XS.
“I feel like I’m Lady Gaga when I wear these.”
She’s wearing Prada PR 07YSF Asian Fit.
Ashnati raved, “I love them so much, my prescription is perfect. I can see so much better. I also got transitions.”
She’s wearing Prada PR 18WV.

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