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Make Bold and Trendy Frames Work for You

by Shorey Andrews
Bold and trendy frames

Shopping for the perfect pair of frames can be a really exciting time for first-time shoppers and veteran glasses wearers alike. The options are endless and the thrill of flirting with a new look is a novelty that rarely fades, but committing to something bold and trendy is another story.

Frames with bold colors, odd shapes, funky patterns and sparkle will instantly call to you, but that doesn’t mean you will automatically know how to wear them.

Are you thinking about going bold? This one’s for you.

Photo credit: Alizee Marchand

Set your expectations

It’s important to think about whether a bold frame is truly right for you. Sure, it’s exciting to own a trendy pair of frames, but will they work with your personality?

Think about your personal style and attitude and how your new frames will match your aesthetic. What you have in mind could change entirely once you place the frames on your face, so you need to prepare yourself for a possible adjustment period once you’re ready to rock them.

None of this should intimidate you or steer you away from purchasing a bolder frame. There is something for everyone to enjoy—it’s all a matter of selection and the right expectations before you head to checkout.

Photo credit: Scott Van Daalen

Shop around

Take the proper time to shop around. Your search can be drilled down by choosing the frame shape you prefer or simply the one that best matches the shape of your face.

Once the search results are generated you can begin to narrow down some choices. There will be a lot of detail involved in bolder frames so pay attention to that as well.

Gems, sparkle, bright colours and metal details are all options to consider and these add-ons will definitely change the way a frame looks on you. It’s possible you will automatically gravitate towards the shiny details but those feelings are often fleeting, so don’t commit just yet. Instead, bookmark your favorites and check-in with trusted friends and family for a second opinion.

You can also try searching the name of the frame online to see if anyone has shared photos of themselves wearing it to help you get a better idea of how they will look in real life.

Photo credit: Banter Snaps

Dress them up

It’s important to consider your current wardrobe when purchasing new eyeglasses, especially if you are leaning towards trendy or bold frames.

For example, if your eyes are drawn towards the bright blue frames you came across online but you don’t have any blue in your wardrobe your frames could end up collecting dust because nothing you own will match them.

Take a quick mental inventory of the things you like to wear and keep your personal style in mind to ensure your new frames can be added to the mix without sticking out for all the wrong reasons.

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Keep it balanced

Chances are you already own a pair of glasses that aren’t so over-the-top, but it’s still worth mentioning that balance is always important. If you are going to invest in a more daring frame you will need to offset the look with at least one other option that’s tame and dare we say—normal.

Having a variety of frames in your arsenal means you can be choosy when getting dressed in the morning, while also providing the ability to dress according to your mood.

Ready to party on a Saturday night? Grab those bedazzled frames. Feeling less bold on a Sunday morning? Go for the tried-and-true frames you’ve always loved. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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Be confident

The most important takeaway when purchasing your trendy new frames is to wear them with confidence. If you can walk tall with a smile firmly planted on your face you’ll not only make others wonder what makes you tick, you’ll also wear your exciting new frames with ease because nothing says stylish eyeglasses guru better than confidence.

Select your eyeglass frames

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