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The Hottest Eyewear Trend from Fall Fashion Month 2022

by Kara Keigan
Sporty and trending - fashion month 2022

From Milan to New York to London to Paris, fashion month is a time for designers to present the collections they’ve been tirelessly working on so the rest of the world can appreciate their craftsmanship and take note of upcoming fashion trends.

And while you can predict upcoming trends by meticulously watching the runway shows for repeating trends, paying attention to your favorite models, influencers, and street style stars is also a sure way to know when a trend is hot. If there is one trend I saw repeatedly and unabashedly adored by showgoers, it was the sporty sunglass trends—specifically this style of Balenciaga shades.

Offered in both black and silver

Sporty sunglasses aren’t entirely new to the scene. We’ve seen iterations of this trend starting back in 2018 when shield-style sunglasses began to make a comeback. But these intentionally low-brow versions are a new variety.

Balenciaga’s frames portraying a these-could-almost-be-from-the-gas-station vibe undercuts the idea that fashion is always put together and proper. The aerodynamic, wrap-around silhouette is a surprising trend to rise to the top but there’s no doubt it has staying power.

While they are reminiscent of the cheap shades found in racks inside your local convenience store, these shades also serve as an example of fashion trends moving as a pendulum, always coming back in style.

While the ‘80s were filled with functional high-performance wear and way too many bold colors, modern fashion hasn’t always been as practical. While the last two years have been riddled with uncertainty, one thing that seems unanimous is everybody’s newfound love for anything and everything comfortable and active.

It’s no wonder the fashion crowd and designers alike have turned to the performance wear of the ‘80s for a resurgence of active-inspired, protective silhouettes, integrated into fashion-forward wardrobes.

Balenciaga Runway Show A/W ‘22, courtesy of Vogue

While the sporty sunglass trend of the past favored oversized shield-style sunglasses or on-the-nose technical sporty glasses, the 2022 version feels sporty, yet minimalist and easy to wear. Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Burberry all sent pairs of sporty frames down the runway, bordering on futuristic styles, paired with chic and polished suiting.

They provided an effortless, sporty touch to an outfit otherwise full of clean lines and tailoring. The wraparound sunglasses offer an uncomplicated and unchallenging way to elevate your look to a full fashion look.

While you may be worried about looking like a race-car driver or a middle-aged sports fan, sporty sunglasses are the perfect playful trend to jump on this fall and flatter almost every fashion shape.

These sunnies are rooted in form and function, with less emphasis on silhouette, so ordering a trendy sunglass online has never been as easy. Plus, these trendy frames will work from your fall blazers to your winter knits to your spring staples.

Whether it’s the internet-breaking Balenciaga frames themselves or a clever (and cheaper!) dupe, tap into the aesthetic by shopping sporty sunglasses here and now…

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