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The Hailey Bieber Eyewear Collection Has Arrived

by Kara Keigan
Hailey Bieber x Vogue

Hailey Bieber has taken the fashion world by storm. Her famous off-duty style and ultra-famous husband have led her to cover magazines from Elle to Harper’s Bazaar.

And her latest collaboration now makes fans of her style able to wear pieces designed and collaborated with Hailey herself, and trust me, she knows a few things about accessorizing.

Whether she’s taken to the streets in a full matching suit or dressed down in streetwear, the model is constantly shown in ensembles that feel put together yet just casual enough. With 45 million followers on Instagram, Hailey is a true style star with an audience to match. It’s no wonder Vogue Eyewear tapped the popular Bieber to collaborate on a new line of specs.

Hailey was a natural when it came to designing her collection, which features five sunglasses frames and the option to get each as eyeglasses. Opting for a fresh take on classics, she focused on silhouettes like elongated cat-eyes or long, rectangular frames—a style that Bieber is constantly photographed in. Drawing on styles she personally leans to, the glasses feature refreshed and reworked materials in these flattering shapes, like tortoise marbling or gold wire frames.

A true bonafide style star, Hailey is the perfect person to draw on for your next pair of fashionable frames. And while this stylish collection retails for under $99 on other sites, you can save even more by shopping at EZContacts, where they all retail for nearly half the price.

That’s right, you can grab a pair of Hailey Bieber-designer eyewear for under $60 this summer. Let’s take a look at each style…

Hailey has spearheaded the trend of rectangular frames. Now you can make the trend yours, too (for under $50!) Featuring four different colorways, you can opt for a classic black frame/black lens combo or try out something a little more trendy like matching dark blue frames and lenses.

Circle sunglasses have bounced in and out of style since the early ‘90s, but these frames are a remix of the classic, something Hailey wanted to put at the forefront of this collection. To elevate and bring these frames into the current day, try out a modern metal combination like these bronze lenses outlined with rose gold finishes.

Hailey was inspired to go bold and have fun with designing the sunglasses she would feature in her collection, believing a great pair of sunglasses can make or break your outfit. These squared-off aviators in a pewter colorway will definitely make it.

Hailey began drawing on her own style to produce unique finishings like these tortoise marbling frames, citing her inspiration from different eras of time and, of course, shapes she’s always loved on herself. This marble combination with dark blue lenses feels like a fresh take on a classic pairing.

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