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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses: The Perfect Present for the Outdoorsman Dad

by Kara Keigan
Costa Del Mar

In 1983, a group of hardcore fishermen realized the sunglasses they were wearing were not protecting their eyes and meeting the needs of their adventures. After a fruitless search for sunglasses that would meet their standards, they decided to create their own. Costa del Mar was born.

Ever since, Costa Del Mar (or simply, Costa) has been the go-to brand of sunglasses for boaters and fishermen. The quality sunglasses were backed with the promise of durability and great customer service, an ethos of the brand looking to provide sunglasses for those who live to be on the water.

The mission of the brand has always been quite simple: create sunglasses for life’s great adventures. Through patented technology found exclusively in Costa del Mar lenses and frames, it’s safe to say they are succeeding.

Whether your outdoor adventure includes hiking, boating, fishing, or simply laying on the beach, Costa del Mar sunglasses are there to enhance your outdoor experience.

What makes Costa del Mar synonymous with exceptional outdoor eyewear? Optimal sun protection and durable construction are guaranteed to withstand the rigors of your lifestyle.

Costa Del Mar’s patented lenses

In-house light spectrum experts designed Costa Del Mar’s patented 580 lenses to provide enhanced color clarity, contrast, and sharpness. The technology manages light by filtering out harsh yellows, enhancing reds, greens, and blues, and absorbing harmful high-energy blue light.

  • Costa del Mar’s glass lenses offer superior optical quality, and feature added durability with an encapsulated mirror placed between layers of glass, rendering them completely scratch-proof. They are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than your average polarized sunglasses, providing you with a lightweight and comfortable experience.
  • Costa del Mar’s polycarbonate lenses feature a patented technology scratch-resistant molecular bond on their lightweight lenses. Both lenses feature polarization to reduce glare, a pertinent feature to provide optimal vision when you’re on the water.

Protecting the planet’s waters

The company aims to inspire others to spend their days on and near waters and is actively involved in charitable functions to expand on its mission to protect the earth’s waters. A campaign called Costa+OCEARCH is a partnership intended to raise funds for the non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting ocean wildlife.

In partnership with Bureo, Costa Del Mar has created The Untangled Collection. The Untangled Collection frames are constructed from 100% recycled fishing nets and are fit with mineral glass lenses, avoiding the use of any new plastic materials and providing superior lens clarity and durability. 

Ready to elevate your sun-soaked adventures? Shop from the collection of favorite Costa del Mar sunglasses below:

A classic from the brand, the Rinconcito glasses feature mirrored lenses suited for bright, full-sun situations on the open water, best for boating and fishing in deep water and harsh sun.

A more classic approach to the above Rinconcito glasses, these mainstay frames offer big frames and sharp angles for a more oversized fit, perfect for anyone needing an extra large style. The shiny black frames and gray polarized lenses are perfect for any bright and sunny summer situations.

This stylish wayfarer frame is inspired by the laid-back nature of Sullivan’s Island. The Sullivan frame in a gray silver mirror provides a good everyday choice for activities on the water and land.

Another stylish Costa frame, these classic aviator styles come in a variety of lens/frame combinations including blue, green, and, copper silver mirrored lenses, perfect, as they say, for shored coastal streams and sight fishing.

Tortoise frames and reflective green lenses provide a modern combination for your next summer shades. The green mirrored polarized polycarbonate lenses are best for variable light situations, making these a versatile pair to add to your collection.

Shop our extensive collection of Costa Del Mar sunglasses here.

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