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7 Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

by Michael Healy
benefits of daily disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses used to be a luxury many couldn’t afford. It was simply too expensive to throw-out contact lenses after only one use.

But that’s changed. As the demand for contact lenses skyrockets, so too has the supply. As such, prices have decreased and contact lenses are more cost-effective and popular than ever. 

Should you care? If you wear contacts, it’s certainly worth considering the option and understanding the benefits daily disposable contact lenses may offer. I’m going to run-down seven advantages for you here…

1. Convenience

First and foremost, disposable contact lenses are extremely convenient. Imagine not having to carry around cleaning supplies and lens cases. Disposable contacts make that a reality. You simply pop them out at day’s end and throw them in the trash.

Daily disposable lenses also allow you to easily go from lenses to glasses and back again, if need be.

2. Health

In addition to being convenient, daily disposable contact lenses help you maintain the health of your eyes, as wearing reusable contact lenses brings with it the possibility of an increased risk of eye infection.

According to the Cleveland Clinic article, Avoid These Eye Infections from Bad Contact Lens Habits, 80% to 90% of contact lens-related eye infections are bacterial. A bacterial infection could be as easy to treat as a common staph infection or could be more severe, like the drug-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa, which could damage your cornea if left untreated.

Another severe bacterial infection associated with wearing reusable contacts is ulcerative keratitis, which can be painful and inflammatory, leading to permanent changes in vision or even blindness.

Additionally, the eye’s tears naturally contain lipids, protein, and calcium, which can build-up on contact lenses over time and lead to infection. When this build-up occurs, contact lenses can also become uncomfortable and irritating to your eyes.

These can all originate from a poor contact lens routine, which could include any or all of the following:

  • Sleeping, swimming, or showering with your contacts in
  • Not washing your hands before handling your contacts
  • Topping-off contact lens solution instead of swapping it out for a fresh batch every day.

Disposable contact lenses eliminate a lot of those daily hassles, and as a result, significantly eliminate the risk of getting an eye infection.

Each day, you use a new sterilized pack of lenses, eliminating the opportunity for harmful bacteria, allergens, and other damaging substances to develop.

3. Efficiency

Believe it or not, disposable contact lenses are an efficient eyewear option, especially those made of silicone hydrogel. Even though silicone hydrogel lenses have a higher price point than other disposable contact lenses, they’re the most efficient variety. They reduce dryness by allowing more oxygen to pass through them, providing a better experience.

4. Versatility

Disposable lenses come in a variety of prescriptions and even colors. If you want, you could even a different eye color every day of the week. Other disposable lenses are designed to correct conditions like presbyopia or astigmatism, meaning not all disposable contact lenses are the same—and there is a disposable contact lens option for nearly everyone.

5. Helps allergy sufferers

Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for those suffering from allergies. Pollen, dust, and other irritants do not have an opportunity to collect on the lenses because they’re thrown away at the end of each day. 

6. Great for active lifestyles

If you lead a very active lifestyle, whether it be through sport, work, or going to the gym, contact lenses of any kind may be preferable to eyeglasses. They reduce the risk of injury if you were to get hit in the face and offer better vision as some eyewear can restrict peripheral vision, fog-up, or fall-off during activity.

Above all, contact lenses for those with active lifestyles are extremely convenient.

Perhaps, daily disposable contact lenses offer the most convenience. They eliminate the need to pack extra accouterments like contact solution and lens cases.

7. Cost-effective

There is much debate surrounding whether daily disposable lenses are pricier than daily lenses. Disposable lenses cost little more than a daily cup of coffee. Plus, you spend less on lens care products like cases and contact solutions, which helps drive down the overall amount you would spend on eye care in the long run.

If you would like to explore the world of disposable contact lenses further, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Disposable lenses can be made to fit many different lifestyles and prescriptions. And with so many brands to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit and style for you!

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