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Monthly Contact Lenses with More Comfort and a Lower Price

by Barry Silver
Eiyan contact lenses

David Knight is a retired contact lens fitting consultant.

He frequently experiments with—and evaluates—new contact lens offerings. David was kind enough to help us conduct research on the Eiyan brand (formerly spelled “Eiyin”).

He’s sold. And so, I interviewed David about his experience with the Eiyan brand of monthly contact lenses now available exclusively at EZContacts. Following are the highlights:

Comfort + visual acuity = perfection

David said he wears the Eiyan contacts as a daily wear lens and “they’re perfect.”

“The comfort is on a par with all the other really good lenses, Alcon in particular (except for their TOTAL30 lens, which I thought was terrible),” he said.

David told me he’s presbyopic and has a monovision prescription: +2 on the left and a +.50 on the right.

“I put them in in the morning and I forget about them till I go to bed, most of the time.”

And who doesn’t love saving money?

When we continued talking about the Eiyan contacts being a viable alternative to Alcon Night and Day, we got into the cost of the lenses.

“It is a very low-cost lens,” David said. “But the real point, in my opinion, is comfort-wise and visual acuity-wise it’s absolutely equivalent to the Alcon Night and Day lenses, which are far more expensive.”

Highlights from a thorough evaluation

I mentioned David creates evaluations over the course of extensive trials. Following are some highlights from his review of Eiyan.

After two weeks, he logged the following: “I literally forget I’m wearing lenses! Mostly eliminates my allergy symptoms. No redness at all.”

David’s conclusions:

  1. Handling is similar to Air Optix Aqua.
  2. Comfort on initial insertion is at least as good as Air Optix Aqua
  3. Visual acuity (VA, range 0 to 10, 10 being “crystal clear”) is at least as good as Air Optix Aqua, i.e.: VA=10
  4. Eiyan lenses seems to be the equivalent of the Alcon Night & Day lenses.

Eiyan is a fan favorite with our customers

Here is a small sampling of some of the reviews customers have posted on our site:

Super comfortable!!!I’ve decided to give it a shot, its actually super comfortable, was wearing Biofinity until now. ~ Joel K.

Great lens—I used to wear Biofinity lenses until I recently bumped into these. It’s very comfortable and way cheaper. ~ John S.

Surprisingly very comfortable—This new brand doesn’t feel like they dry out as fast during wear and are as close to unnoticeable as anyone could get when it comes to wearing contact lenses. I’m hooked!” ~ Michelle P.

Comfortable lenses—Great… Really comfortable lenses that stay moist all day. Great price also. ~ Melissa D.

Get a prescription for Eiyan the easy way

As you probably know, you’ll require a prescription to order contact lenses—which includes the brand you order. If you have an existing prescription, you’re probably eligible to try the Eiyan brand, and all you may need to do is use the online exam EZContacts provides for free. 

Learn more

Click the Eiyan product page where you’ll find 100+ customer reviews, the answers to our customers’ questions, and the product’s details and specs.

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