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Safe, Smart and Cool Sunglasses for Kids

by Kara Keigan
Cool sunnies for kids

While a mini pair of sunnies on your kid may seem like the most adorable fashion statement to make, sunglasses are an integral part of sun protection for your little one. UV rays are as harmful to children as they are to adults, with experts saying exposure can cause both short and long-term eye damage. So, what do you need to consider when buying your first pair of children’s sunglasses?

UV protection

Like the rest of children’s bodies, children’s eyes are not fully developed, allowing a less mature structure and larger pupil to allow up to 70% more UV rays than an adult’s eyes. An EPE report quotes that most of an average person’s UV exposure occurs before they even turn 18, so it’s more important now than ever to protect kids’ eyes. Beyond UV protection there are a few more things to consider when shopping for kid’s sunglasses.


Durability is key when choosing your frames because kids tend to asbuse and break their sunnies. Look for bendable materials like acetate, polycarbonate, and titanium.


For any kiddos into sports like fishing or snow activities, polarization will be key to help from exposure to high-reflective surfaces. For activities such as skiing, sledding, boating, fishing, or even just playing at the beach, polarization may be something to consider in your next pair of mini frames.


Even adorable glasses aren’t helpful if they aren’t comfortable and well-fitting for your little one. Investing in one pair of well-fitting children’s glasses will get you far beyond a bunch of cheap ones you acquire that your little one refuses to wear. Consider frame shape, arm materiality, nose bridge, and any straps or wraps that can help alleviate anything uncomfortable in your little one.

While UV exposure should be the most important part of sunnies, that doesn’t mean it’s not also a great time for your little one to express some of their personal style. We’ve rounded up five frames to protect your little one’s vulnerable eyes – and look adorable in the process.

Ray-Ban’s popularity holds just as strong in their junior’s department. Match your mini me with these tried-and-true Ray-ban Wayfarer sunnies for great protection and a great look.

Here’s that timeless and cool wayfarer look in a highly affordable pair of shades—with polarized lenses—from Polaroid. These babies come in five color combinations, so you might have some fun selecting the look together with your child.

Active kids will need sunglasses that can keep up with their lifestyle and full acetate frames will be able to handle anything that comes at them. Prioritize durable materials like acetate for glasses that will grow with them. These Converse frames offer durability, protection, and style—everything you want for children’s sunglasses.

For the active kiddos in your life, you’ll need a pair of indestructible frames that hold their shape, offer oversized UV protection, and most importantly offer comfort for all their activities. Turn to the trusted brand Nike to handle these needs.

Your little boy or girl will feel ultra-cool in these sporty Nike frames. Sporty sunglasses with extra-wide lenses will cover more surface area, offering more UV protection for sunglasses that really pack a punch. With impact-resistant frames like these, these frames are perfect for your little one for his or her active lifestyle.


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