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Look: Designer Rimless Glasses Rock

by Kara Keigan

Not everybody is looking to experiment with the latest eyewear trends. Between bold acetate, colorful frames, and oversized shapes, it often seems like eyewear fads are only for those looking to make a statement.

If you find yourself on the opposite end of this spectrum, rimless glasses can offer a minimalist aesthetic that’ll take you through the test of time.

Introduced centuries ago, it may seem odd the age-old classic is still considered stylish. But it’s simple: rimless glasses are effective, easy to wear, and endlessly contemporary.

A little rimless glasses history

Rimless glasses have been a pillar of eyewear fashion for centuries dating back to the 1800s. Austrian inventor Johann Friedrich Voigtländer created a rimless monocle to act as a single corrective lens. It continued to develop into the 1830s to remedy the heaviness of the frames and glass lenses.

Astig Pince-Nez Glasses (for astigmatism) — Source: Wikipedia

By the late 19th and 20th centuries, rimless frames became widely available and known as “pince-nez” glasses.

While rimless, they also didn’t have earpieces and instead pinched the nose to stay on. It wasn’t until WWI that a version of glasses with a nose bridge and temple arms would come emerge. Throughout the development of rimless glasses, the goal of the design was meant to be unimposing.

Unlike modern times, eyeglasses weren’t considered a personal style choice.

Why wear rimless glasses?

With a minimalist aesthetic and lightweight nature, rimless glasses flatter all face shapes.

If you shy away from bold colors and oversized frames, rimless eyeglasses will help correct your vision without adding extra flair. They tend to be ultra-lightweight and feel less noticeable than a pair of rimmed glasses.

Actor Kit Harrington in rimless frames

Overall, if you are looking for a pair of weightless glasses that feel inconspicuous for everyday wear, rimless glasses are definitely the ones for you.

Check out some of our designer rimless glasses

Let’s go shopping now, or, at least, have a look at some tasty rimless “frames.”

If you’re looking for a rimless frame that is anything but boring, grab these. While they embody rimless glasses’ minimalist style, they add just the right amount of flair with a Double B emblem on the templates.

For another twist on the rimless trend, these hexagonal shapes add a hint of excitement to the otherwise unobtrusive frames by Gucci.

Rimless glasses don’t mean you can’t also embrace the latest flattering frame shape. These cat-eye glasses provide a bit of drama to the subtle frames, plus the bronze/copper temple arms are ultra-stylish.

A small rectangular rimless frame is a bonafide classic for a reason. If you’re looking for unimposing frames for just $100, these are the perfect option for you.


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