hairstyles for glasses

Have you ever considered how your hairstyle and glasses work together to complete your look?

Your frames should match the ethos of your style while complimenting your hairstyle. In fact, there are a couple of things to consider when purchasing glasses. Have you assessed your face shape? What color frames look best with your eye color? 

An easy place to start is by taking your glasses to your hairdresser. If you already own a pair and are debating switching up your hairstyle to compliment them, your hairdresser can assess your face shape and go from there.

Your hairdresser can help make real-time adjustments to your cut to ensure they are flattering to your frames. The same goes for getting your brows done. Your esthetician can help determine the shape and color of your brows to ensure they are complimenting your look behind your frames.

Consider using your hair as a tool to balance out your frames. The easiest hairstyles to compliment your frames are styles that pull your hair out of your face. A bun or a ponytail is a great way to show off your frames, knowing that there will be extra focus on your face and glasses. They can be used as a tool to divert attention or draw attention, so go for a bold frame when rocking a soft look and vice versa.

How to choose a hairstyle to suit your glasses

Personally, I use a slicked-back bun when I want to showcase my stylish hair slicked backframes. I’ve recently started wearing these oversized aviator frames, and to keep the look polished I stick to a middle part sleek hairstyle (and a great lip). A clean minimal hairstyle will help balance oversized, trendy frames.

If you’re looking to rock bangs with your glasses, shy away from straight across blunt cuts. Blunt bangs paired with most frames can hide the entire face. Focus on wispy or side swept bangs instead. Keep them maintained with the length hitting just above the glasses, and avoid going with too large or dark of frames that can appear heavy.

short hair with glassesShort hairstyles are always an easy answer if you’re looking to show off your trendy glasses. If you’re not ready to make the cut, blow dry and style your hair to the side to keep out of your face and away from your frames.

  • Cat-eye Frames—Capitalize on these vintage frames with hairstyles straight from the 20s, 30, or 40s. Banana buns, curls, and bangs all compliment this retro style. If a full vintage look isn’t your thing, try loose and textured hair instead.
  • Square frames—Side parts are great for complimenting square shapes frames.
  • Round frames—Tousled wavy hair look great with these Lennon-inspired frames. Go long and beachy or short and textured with a middle part.
  • Rectangular frames—A classic sleek bob looks great with rectangular glasses, but try and avoid a straight across blunt bangs so you don’t box in your facial features.
  • Aviator shaped—For these classic “geek” frames look for loose casual ponytails or updos. Keep the hairstyle a little more fashion-forward to offset the frames.
  • Thick frames—With thick frames, avoid straight or flat hairstyles as it contrasts too much against the frames. Think lots of movement with curls, or go for a cut with lots of layers to add volume!
  • Wide frames—Look for hairstyles that give you more volume and height on top and not on the sides. Try textured, chunky bangs or short hairstyles with verticle lines. Or try out long hair that is bluntly cut and not voluminous!
  • Large frames—For oversized frames try and avoid long straight hairstyles that have low volume or super short hairstyles. Instead, look for a longer layered hairstyle that gives you extra volume.
  • Delicate frames—Feel free to go big with your hair for a classic or delicate frame. Undone waves or curls with lots of volumes compliment this look best. Add a touch of feminity or glamour to this classic frame.
  • Small frames-—Try short and cropped wavy styles that will highlight the facial features or a long cut with blunt ends. Avoid any hairstyles that will box your face in like a compact bob with bangs.

Your hair color

different hair colorsThe last thing to consider when trying to compliment your glasses to your hair is the color. If you have red, brown, or blonde hair and want to try colored frames, warm tones will look best. If you have grey or salt and pepper hair, cool tones work best for your frames. If you have black hair- consider it a blank canvas because anything works.

Blonde hair also works well with transparent or light colored frames, and brown hair looks great against metal and dark frames. The contrast of black hair and a light tortoiseshell frame will make a great statement.

Your glasses should be an extension of your individual style and your hair can be used as a tool to compliment that. If you want to rock a bold frame, try a more subdued hairstyle while if you want your hairstyle to be the center of attention, a softer frame works well against that.

Have fun when experimenting with your hairstyle and glasses combinations. You might just find a new signature look.

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Written by Kara Keigan
Kara Keigan is an expert stylist who covers fashion, lifestyle, and weddings for various magazines and websites. An Iowan transplant, she’s never afraid of a bold lip and spends her free time scavenging for vintage clothing and decor.