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Eyeglasses for Your Wedding Day

by Kara Keigan

You’re counting down the days until the most important day of your life. You’ve got the venue, the ring, and your dress, but what will you wear on your face?

For glasses wearers, picking out your wedding day eyeglasses may seem like a daunting task. For a day that will have all eyes on you, what will be on your eyes? It’s a common myth that you should forgo your glasses and pick up contact lenses for the big day. Between the hair, makeup, and dress, eyeglasses are something that’ll make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself for your wedding day.

So that may mean picking out a pair of specs that match your wedding look. First, a few key things to consider:

Wedding dress

wedding dress
Source: One Fine Day

While the most important “yes” you exclaimed was to the proposal, arguably the second most important was saying yes to the dress. As the predominant part of your wedding day look, it takes time in making the right decision.

Once you find the dress of your dreams, it’s important to consider the correct eyewear to elevate your look. Consider the silhouette and fabric of your dress, does it lean more minimalist or glamorous? Rustic or feminine? Bohemian or traditional? Your wedding day eyewear should reflect the overall vibe of your wedding dress.

Hair and makeup

Picking a hairstyle and makeup look is going to be pertinent to your wedding day eyeglasses. Embark on trial sessions with your hairstylist or continue to experiment with different hairstyles at home to see what looks best with your dress and your eyeglasses.

For any brides going sleek and easy with a simple chignon or bun, play around with shapes like oval, rectangle, or square eyeglasses. If you’re hoping to wear your hair down with tousled waves, round frames will match the decided undoneness of your beach waves. For a sleek updo pony, cat eye frames will help lift your cheekbones and show off your facial features.

Minimalist frames like wire or frameless glasses will enhance your facial features and the pared-back nature of the glasses look best against a neutral makeup look. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to rock a bold smoky eye or even a bold lip, colored, thick-rimmed glasses will help balance the boldness of your makeup.

Wedding day style

Your wedding theme is often one of the next things decided after you’ve nailed down your bridal look. The look and mood of your wedding are integrated everywhere from your invitations to flowers to napkins to create a look of cohesiveness. Consider which wedding day style is most aligned with your big day:


traditional wedding
Source: Brides

A classic or traditional wedding usually features a lot of neutral colors with white, gold, or rose-gold accents—think ivory-draped ceilings and all-white floral arrangements. A traditional wedding has soft color palettes and a timeless vibe throughout the decor and wedding style. Often a traditional bride will have a simplistic wedding look with clean lines and an elegant silhouette. To keep up this classic theme, consider pink, white, or gold tones for your wedding day eyeglasses.

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rustic wedding
Source: Wedding Forward

Another popular wedding theme features a more Bohemian mix of decor. Think baby’s breath arrangements, wooden signs, eucalyptus greenery, and mason jar glassware. A rustic wedding theme has a natural color palette with organic shapes and textures, so wood, lace, foliage, and country flowers are perfectly set against tortoiseshell, metal, gold, or brown frames.

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Glamorous wedding
Source: WeddingWire

A glamorous wedding is embellished with silver and gold accents with white decor, crystals, sparkling tableware, chandeliers, and large floral installations. Metallic pops of color, lush floral arrangements, and intricate details are all part of the big wow moments for a glamorous wedding. Transparent, white, or gold frames will suit this luxe theme.

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Source: Wedding Forward

On the other end of the spectrum, a minimalist theme features clean lines and simple decor. Think industrial inspirations and a palette of navy, cream, blush, and taupe. Lucite signage, greenery instead of florals, and all-white decorations will fit right in alongside thin and sleek frames for this simplistic theme.

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Boho Fall Decor
Source: Hey Wedding Lady

Quirky, fun, and earthy decorations are central to a bohemian theme. Think textures and earth-tone colors alongside pampas grass, mix-n-match colored glassware, and layered rugs and poufs for conversation corners. If you’re looking at a free-spirited theme for your wedding, your wedding-day eyeglasses should be as quirky as you are.

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The most important part of your wedding day is walking up the aisle feeling beautiful, confident, and looking like yourself. Find a frame that makes you say “yes” as emphatically as you did on your proposal day.

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