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Miu Miu: Prada’s Fun and Quirky Sister Brand

by Kara Keigan
Miu Miu sunglasses

Prada is one of our best-selling sunglasses brands. The bold yet minimalist designs offer the perfect juxtaposition of fashionable and wearable.

Did you know the iconic brand has a younger, quirkier sister brand, Miu Miu? In 1992, Miuccia Prada looked at the launch of Miu Miu as an opportunity to reach new heights with her designs.

Meet Miuccia Prada

Miuccia’s grandfather created the eponymous Prada brand in 1913. Miuccia was born into the Prada family in 1948. By the 1970s, Miuccia had entered the family’s business starting as an accessory designer.

While she was born into greatness, Miuccia was inspired by her extreme and playful side and wanted to explore this contrast from the established minimalist designs of Prada. Inspired by her personal wardrobe, the Miu Miu brand was born in 1992 and named after her family’s nickname for her.

The first Miu Miu boutique opened in Milan the next year. The sleek and sophisticated designs from Prada were balanced with the younger, playful looks of Miu Miu. If Prada is Miuccia’s intentional, minimalist brand, then Miu Miu is the image of unrestrained creativity from Miuccia.

Miuccia made sure Miu Miu is far from the traditional aesthetics of Prada’s ethos. The brand conveys the essence of emancipated and conscious women. The Prada group describes Miu Miu’s identity as the outpost for the most refined femininity.

 Miu Miu’s strength fluctuates between naïf spirit and iridescent subversion and it illustrates the most rebellious and seductive core of contemporary femininity.

The Prada Group

Miu Miu fame soon followed

Years after the inception of Miu Miu, the brand showed its first-ever collection at New York Fashion Week in 1995, showcasing Kate Moss as the star of the show. Because of the supermodel’s prestigious status, this smart move instantly gained the attention of the fickle fashion industry.

Drew Barrymore, the perfect image of youthful rebellion, was the first celebrity to grace a Miu Miu ad campaign shortly following the debut fashion show. The youthful, edgy sartorial choices and fearless experimentation have launched Miu Miu into so much more than Prada’s sibling brand today.

Playful exuberance is interwoven in the deepest parts of the brand’s identity and wholly visible in everything from clothing to accessories. Miu Miu sunglasses are playful, provocative, and undeniably feminine.

Customers rave about their Miu Miu sunglasses

Yanique is wearing sunglasses from the
She said they’re “very flattering on my face shape.”

Jackeline is wearing blue/grey shades from the
She says, “My glasses are beautiful!”

Walaa’s wearing glasses from the
“I love it,” she wrote.
“Best purchase I ever made. I get so many compliments on these shades,” said Maria.
She’s wearing Miu Miu MU 09SS.

And check out these Miu Miu delights…

Cloud-shaped? Oh yeah…


One buyer provided this review: “These Miu Miu frames are so whimsical and cute. They may be trendy, but they also are a wearable piece of Italian craftsmanship. They are lightweight, yet the frame is solidly built, and they fit my small face rather perfectly. I can’t remember the last time I purchased an accessory that was this delightful.

Amazing value…

“I tried these Miu Miu sunglasses on at my eye doctor’s office and fell in love with them,” said Libby. “But I didn’t love the price there, so I shopped around and was able to purchase them for less than half at EZContacts. Amazing value, easy ordering, and quick delivery. Couldn’t be better!”

Very chic…

Customers raved… “Very chic.” “I get compliments on them every day. I love how light they feel on my face. And the look is classic.” And one customer told us, “I struggled to find authentic MiuMui sunglasses online. Thanks EZContacts!”

You’re very welcome. All glasses sold here are authentic.

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You saw these beauties up-top:
Miu Miu MU 01XS

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