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Are Titanium Glasses Frames Worth It?

by Barry Silver
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When it comes to eyeglasses, titanium is a precious metal. People love frames made from titanium, but they tend to cost more. Are they worth it?

Titanium is flexible

Titanium is used in its pure form and as an alloy (combined with iron or aluminum) to provide a highly flexible eyeglasses frame. In fact, titanium eyeglasses are so flexible, they’re able to bend without breaking and return to their original shape.

If you’re looking to justify the cost, durability alone may do it for you. Titanium alloy metals produce the world’s most durable eyeglass frames. Choose a titanium frame and it will be nearly impossible to break your eyeglasses.

Titanium is lightweight

Tired of wearing glasses that feel a bit heavy? It’s a common complaint.

Titanium eyeglasses are extremely lightweight. In fact, they’re typically about 40 percent lighter than standard steel frames, so the problem of weighing heavy on your nose and ears is resolved.

Due to the superior strength of the material, the frames can be made thinner making for even lighter frames

Titanium offers additional benefits

  • While some metals cause skin reactions with glasses wearers, titanium has hypoallergenic properties. It’s rare anyone experiences adverse skin reactions to titanium frames.
  • Titanium is also corrosion-resistant.
  • Titanium frames can provide more options than stainless steel regarding color, texture, and patterns.
  • Finally, titanium is nickel-free, which makes it biocompatible, that is, nontoxic to biological systems.

Do you value these properties?

If durability, comfort, corrosion-resistance, and some of the other benefits listed above sound good, then yes, it’s worth it to spend the money on titanium glasses. Consumers are willing to do the same for products made of titanium such as golf clubs and bicycles.

According to 20/20 Magazine (a publication for eyecare professionals), you’ll want to consider investing in titanium if you:

  • Don’t like or can’t tolerate much weight or pressure
  • Are allergic to nickel
  • Live in a hot climate and are bound to perspire as result
  • Spend time near or on the ocean
  • Wear glasses when doing sports

Why is titanium eyewear more expensive?

In short, special equipment, for welding and electroplating technology, is required, which come with higher production costs.

Shop for titanium frames

Because eyewear brands can do more with less when designing frames made of titanium, they’re able to offer an immense array of stylish choices. Let’s have a look now at some of the best-selling titanium glasses you can get here at EZContacts.

Popular titanium eyeglasses

If you search the extensive selection of eyeglasses on EZContacts using the filter for titanium frames, you’ll find Oakleys are the most popular choice. The brand’s large selection includes: 



Costa Del Mar also offers a wide selection of titanium frames.

Costa Del Mar BIMINI ROAD BRD100 6S5002

Here are a few more popular brands and models:

Tom Ford FT5659-B 41059

Ray-Ban RX8755

Boss (Hub) Boss 0976

Popular titanium sunglasses

Our product selection also includes a vast number of sunglasses made from titanium frames. Some best-sellers include:


Costa Del Mar TURRET 6S6009_P

Tom Ford FT0746 John-02 39973

Oakley DEADBOLT OO6046

Persol PO5003ST


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